Role: Platform Concept, Design Direction, Design
Ripple, a pioneer in the crypto industry since the advent of blockchain technology, has continuously evolved its business solutions to be more innovative, transparent, and sustainable than ever before.

However, a significant challenge arose: how could Ripple persuade finance leaders to consider cryptocurrency when they did not even associate it with their businesses? In a world where skepticism towards cryptocurrency persisted within the traditional finance bubble, Ripple sought to engage “internal revolutionaries” – those progressive leaders eager to evolve but hesitant to embrace crypto as the solution.

At the heart of our campaign was a simple question – ‘Are You On The Right Side of Progress?’ 

We partnered with generative artist Balkan Karisman to reimagine the finance industry as a dynamic and evolving ecosystem of innovative solutions. Real-time snapshots of the artwork were paired with thought-provoking headlines about progress and challenging the status quo. Our comprehensive campaign infiltrated the traditional finance industry's train stations, newspapers, and websites, showing them that ‘Crypto Means Business’ and that the new era of progress and transformation is already here. The feature film highlighted how Ripple’s blockchain solutions are igniting progress around the financial world.

The campaign launched on CTV, OOH, digital, and social media channels across New York, London, Dubai, Singapore and Sao Paolo.

Agency: Iris Worldwide
Client: Ripple

Creative Direction: Matt Gray
Associate Design Director: Stephanie Potter Corwin
Senior Art Director: Sharm Subramaniam
Sr. Copywriter: Emily Beeler
Sr. Designer: Matt Reyes
Production: Duncan West, Sophia Lee
Client Services: Mike Giger, Martin Merino

Production Partner: Partizan
Director: Warren Fu
Agency Producer: Nadia Black